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We take over your Spanish finance routine tasks so you can focus on your core business.

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Bookkeeping Spain

A correct and timely bookkeeping of your Spanish business means that you are in control and aware of the next step needed to increase your profitability. We will park & post your bookkeeping entries and provide the management reports and analysis as per agreed standards.

Spanish Ltd (SL)

We provide the full range of services needed to incorporate your Spanish company within the shortest possible time. You can track the progress of the incorporation through your client portal.

Document management

We organize and safely online store your Spanish bookkeeping documents such as invoices, expense claims, tax filings, correspondence with the Spanish tax office, employee contracts and BoD & shareholder resolutions. This allows for easy reference and access when needed.

Real Estate

Nothing better than owning real estate in Spain to enjoy the nice climate and friendly culture. We recommend to seek advice before entering into any agreement for the purchase (or selling) of Spanish real estate to ensure full understanding of the tax & legal consequences that will follow.

21st century accounting for Spain

How we work

We take charge of your Spanish bookkeeping and ensure the professional and hassle-free support that you have been looking for in Spain by combining online tools, our accounting knowledge and top notch responsiveness.

We will offer you:

  • Online access and management of your bookkeeping
  • Tailer made management reports and analysis
  • The posibility to sign & send documents electronically
  • Automatic alerts when your action is required
  • Advise how to improve efficiency of your bookkeeping
  • 24/7 access to your documents through your client portal
  • Our "one shot right" mentality will save you time and money
  • Multi-language support: English, Dutch, Spanish or Chinese
  • We love to run a smooth and efficient organization. We are stubborn, optimistic and will not rest until we have found the best solution for you.

    Our people are our biggest asset to keep you happy and we are able to make a difference through our international crew of enthusiastic and motivated professionals.

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    Jan Hendrik van Houten, founder

    We steer, you accelerate

    We take charge of your Spanish bookkeeping

    Our key features

    Efficiency driven by combining online tools & personal contact.

    Control driven through automatic workflows and skilled professionals.

    Result driven by tailer made reporting as per agreed standards.

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